Welcome To My Works Montessori Blog!

Finally…a few months have past since the launch of the Montessori online internet company, My Works Montessori, LLC.  The partners at My Works Montessori are very excited to begin our journey with many parents, children, homeschoolers, and Montessori schools.

My Works goals are to provide answers to many of your questions in regards to: the Montessori Method, parenting, and early childhood education. We also provide online
play-based Montessori video lessons using Montessori principles for you and the children in your life.  All video lessons are provided by fully trained and accredited AMS Montessori Instructors.

While we have many upcoming blog topics, please feel free to email us (support@myworksmontessori.com) or post your questions!  Or check out our website, as many frequently asked questions are addressed there, visit us today at http://www.MyWorksMontessori.com.   

We thank you for visiting us on our blog and we look forward to hearing from you!


Dawn, Kelley, & Lisa
Partners – My Works Montessori, LLC.


About myworksmontessori

Interpret Montessori ~ Educate Parents ~ Inspire Children. We support Montessori schools, educate parents on the Montessori Method, provide at home lessons for parents & children and promote early childhood education http://www.myworksmontessori.com.
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