Top 10+ Questions on My Works Montessori

FAQ’s About My Works

What is My Works and why was it created?

We created My Works Montessori because while teaching at a Montessori preschool, we observed a need for accessible parent education on how to easily and affordably incorporate Montessori activities at home.

We also wanted to find a way for parents to learn about this philosophy that may NOT be able to otherwise have their children attend Montessori schools.

My Works provides parent education by using easy to understand video presentations of Montessori activities – by AMS certified teachers – that can be easily implemented by parents at home.

Our dream is to create an interactive on-line Montessori community to share ideas and promote early childhood education.  Each of us has a different set of life experiences, so the ultimate goal for My Works is to create a truly interactive website.  We have members all over the WORLD and we enjoy the opportunity to share ideas and experiences while inspiring young children.

How do I use the My Works site?

Much of the MWM (i.e. My Works Montessori) site is free.  In our resources section we have parenting webcasts, a blog, book recommendations, information on the Montessori method, glossary of Montessori terms and much more.

There is also a video lesson section for members.  In this area there are short videos that show you how to work with your children on things such as sensorial activities, science experiments, art projects, beginning math as well as language and pre-reading lessons.

What ages are these videos created for?

My Works Montessori was created for children ages 3 – 6 years by fully certified AMS (American Montessori Society) teachers.   The activities are listed in order from beginner to more advance.

Can home school families use these videos?

Yes!  We have many home school families all over the world that currently use these activities and lessons as enrichment to their child’s current curriculum.

Will I need to purchase materials to use these lessons?

Most of the My Works Montessori activities can be done with items you already have in your home.  At the beginning of each lesson we show you exactly what you will need and tips for working with your young children.

Some materials, especially the activities in the “Sensorial” area may work best with the specifically designed Montessori material/ manipulative, but we will show you where to find that item if you choose to purchase them.

Other materials in the language, math, science and cultural areas can be found from companies such as Montessori Print Shop.  MPS has found a wonderful way to print materials (on your own printer!) and create beautiful activities to use with your children at home.

How will I know how to present these lessons?

We have videos, webinars and blogs that explain step-by-step suggestions and tips for working with young children.  Concepts such as the importance of movement, following the child to discover what they are interested in and the power of observation.

How are the lessons organized?

Incorporating the five key areas of the Montessori classroom, My Works organizes its’ video lessons into the following sections;  Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language and Cultural & Science.

AMS certified teachers using common sense language explain the importance of each lesson and the skills gained.  A step-by-step presentation on how to create and introduce children to these materials is clearly explained and easy to follow.  Most videos show how to create the materials using affordable household items and fun extension activities for additional exploration between parent and child.

How often should I present a new activity to my child?

After much research watching how young children learn, Dr. Montessori taught us to “follow the child”.  Watch for what they are interested in and help them to follow those interests.  If you are working together on an activity and the child seems to be loosing interest you could try either adding movement to that lesson, or you can put it away for another day!

This experience should be fun and encourage both spontaneous learning as well as further curiosity.

We are attempting to show parents how even a discussion on raindrops can increase a child’s interest and curiosity about their world!

If you are curious and interested in learning new things, chances are your child will follow your lead.

Do these lessons replace my child going to a preschool?

The value of a child enjoying experiences with other children is priceless.  They learn critical social skills, teamwork, getting along with others and how to interact.  Taking turns, being disappointed, problem solving how to deal with issues such as having your feelings hurt.

Teachers offer children the opportunity to trust other adults besides there parents and explore their world in a new, safe and loving environment.

Parents and children each learn the very first steps of independence.

If you do not have access to a preschool environment – no worries.  Try to find other ways for your child to interact with children their age.  Play dates where you know your children will be safe and happy are one option.  And remember that simple life’s lessons such as arguing over a toy or not wanting to share are huge opportunities/ lessons in growing up and allowing your child to learn how to get along in their world.

Don’t avoid all obstacles for your child!  Otherwise, how will they learn?

How frequently will My Works be coming out with new lessons?

We add new lessons, blogs and webinars to our site each month!

How can Montessori Schools benefit from the My Works web site?

My Works is a huge advocate for Montessori schools by promoting and marketing accredited Montessori schools around the world with the My Works Partner School Program.

Montessori Schools benefit in the following ways:

  • Parent Education – Parent education is essential to improve parent/teacher communication.  As well as, helping parents understand the Montessori Philosophy so they understand the importance and value of this method of education.
  • Increased school visibility and publicity with prospective parents – When a Montessori School becomes a member of My Works Montessori, the school is advertised and promoted with detailed descriptions of their schools information on the MWM website.  In addition, member schools are encouraged to share school events with MWM as we will then publicize our member schools activities on our blog and in our social networks.
  • Montessori education/ orientation for assistants and classroom helpers – Some assistant teachers in a Montessori classroom may not have had the opportunity to attend a formal paraprofessional Montessori Training Program.  The videos on the My Works Montessori site allow new assistant teachers the opportunity to better understand the lesson, and learn how to present to the children in the classroom setting.   We can in no way attempt to replace an accredited training program, but until a teacher is able to attend such a program, we can at least help as an introduction.
  • School fundraising opportunity – All My Works Montessori Member Schools receive 50% of each family they refer to MWM website.

For example:  Montessori School “A”  refers 25 parents to MWM site.  Those 25     parents sign up for a monthly membership in the amount of $19.99 per/mo.  Montessori School “A” receives approximately $250 per/mo. in fundraising dollars for their school.  These fundraising dollars can be a wonderful help in purchasing new materials for your schools classrooms!

What is My Works goal?

Encouraging young children to ask questions and be curious.

You may be smiling at this answer because as all parents know, the quantity of questions a young child can have is incomprehensible at times.  And most of these rapid-fire questions seem to come when we are either focused on driving the car or on the phone.

But curious and creative children tend to grow up to become curious and creative adults.

Early childhood is an amazing time to begin inspiring young children.  As your child’s first teacher you have a unique opportunity to begin this journey of discovery with your child.  If you are active and engaged in learning new things, your child can’t help but naturally follow.

My Works goal is not to stress parents out with lesson plans and rigid curriculum but instead to inspire daily interaction with your young children.

Asking them questions… listening to their thoughts … dreaming about all that is out there.

My Works is here if you need inspiration and ideas on fun activities and ways to spend time with your child.


Several other FAQ’s are answered with videos on the My Works web site – such as:

  • Who was Dr. Maria Montessori?
  • How will My Works benefit my child?
  • Is the Montessori method right for every child?

About myworksmontessori

Interpret Montessori ~ Educate Parents ~ Inspire Children. We support Montessori schools, educate parents on the Montessori Method, provide at home lessons for parents & children and promote early childhood education
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