When I was four years old my mom and I were walking to the grocery store…

Thinking back on being a kid I started to see a pattern.
The moments I remembered most were while out in nature.  My Mom had a knack for creating these moments, whether she knew it at the time or not. Her patience and ability to stop and allow me to discover had an impact which has endured the test of time.

Now I know technology for children was pretty much non-existent when I was a preschooler (I’m not THAT old BTW, just old enough to be before gaming systems which is the point!).   How many opportunities are passing us by because it is easier to plug our kids in to an electronic babysitter? Creating moments for discovery does require patience on our part.  Or perhaps we are now defining “slowing down to enjoy the moment” as requiring patience – which is sad.

Now I admit that I too am baffled by the notion of stopping
long enough for my child to study an ant colony. However my Mom did take the
time and I was able to discover the ants had the same eye color as me!

Errands and laundry can wait. Taking your child for a walk
in nature to touch trees, really look at a flower, or simply laying in the
grass to watch the clouds cannot wait. Let nature nurture your child’s innate
sense of curiosity. You may be surprised what YOU learn from the experience.
Get out and enjoy!


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1 Response to When I was four years old my mom and I were walking to the grocery store…

  1. Yay! Good post. I definitely need to be reminded of this sometimes. It is so nice to just stop and take the time, and I think our children will really appreciate and remember it as well. Thank you!

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